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PROJECT BESTFRIENDSHIP:  A Heart-Comedy in Three Nice Acts

co-created by Ang Collins, Charles O’Grady, and Eliza Oliver

Three years ago by the icy Shoalhaven River, under the crisp winter sunlight of Bundanon Trust, ATYP resident dramaturg Jennifer Medway decided to connect three Sydney playwrights: Ang Collins, Eliza Oliver, and Charles O’Grady. United by the bigness of their hearts and their fondness for being nice to people, the trio have been best friends ever since.40446760_10155679801810924_8252512026966884352_n

Now it’s 2019, and the world is a far darker and more cynical place than these earnest and sensitive souls ever anticipated. Troubled by ubiquitous cruelty, and weary of an industry that forces playwrights to see each other as competition and not support, Ang, Eliza, and Charles set out to create the Nicest and Most Wholesome Play Ever Written.

me n mink

Shepherded through the thorny wilderness of Independent Theatre by a cat possessed by the ghost of Judy Garland, the gang take on the Sironies (ironic Sirens), the Cisclops (cis male cyclops), the Ghosts of Dead Theatre Blogs, and sixteen modernised Shakespeare adaptations. But will their efforts succeed in bringing down a culture of snide and sarcastic theatre making, or will the Funding Wizard best them yet again?

Project Bestfriendship is a heart-comedy created by the nicest people you’ll ever meet.


WHEN: 7:30pm, 26th February – 2nd March 2019
WHERE: The Joan Theatre, Penrith

directed by Charles O’Grady
dramaturgy by Ang Collins
starring Eliza Oliver (other cast TBC)
produced by Ladylike Theatre Collective

image by Ang Collins


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