Before the Water Gets Cold

Before The Water Gets Cold by Charles O’Grady fuses music, dance and poetry to tell the story of two lovers whose private and public selves are at war.

As their mutual need for closeness becomes more desperate and starts to clash with their private certainty that the other person can’t possibly reciprocate, their agonising break up begins to echo a broader crisis of identity that the digital age forces us all to face. As we watch their relationship falling apart, we begin to realise that love is a liquid concept – hard to recognise, even harder to agree on, and near impossible to hold onto for more than a moment.

Before The Water Gets Cold from Smoking Gum Theatre explores how received notions of love and intimacy frame and interfere with deeply felt affairs of the heart. Part poetry, part dialogue, part manic stream of consciousness, the show is a daring exploration of love and loneliness in the 21st century that shouldn’t be missed.

Cast and Crew

Production staged at Sydney Theatre School in Aug-Sep 2016.

Samuel Beazley
Robin Chen
Julia Robertson
Amy Zhang

Written by: Charles O’Grady
Directed by: Lucinda Vitek
Choreography assistant: Jennifer Poon
Music by: Josephine Gibson
Costume by: Kenneth Pan
Graphic Design by: Yunyin Xuan
Photography by: Eunice Huang
Lights by: Tom Yates
Sound Design by: Jeaux Pfeffer

For more about this show and its process click here.

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