Are We Awake?

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“I was really hoping you’d find a way to wear the blue one for the trip there. Least while you’re on the plane. I bought it for you because it has clouds on it an

d you’d be able to wear it while you were in the clouds, and then if disaster struck and the plane went into freefall you’d just float with it because you’d be a cloud too.”

In a tiny one bedroom apartment, 

at five thirty in the morning, a young couple sits on the cusp of a day that will change their lives. Faced with the spectre of financial instability, Endymion (Mathew Lee) must relocate for work, leaving his chronically ill boyfriend, Hypnos (Daniel Monks), to fend for himself. As they fight to keep a grip on their version of “normal” – relationship open, cat indoors, boyfriends awake and breathing – Hypnos and Endymion are forced to ask themselves: are they holding tight to their reality, or is what they reach for now just a dream?


Written by queer theatre-maker Charles O’Grady (Kaleidoscope, Telescope) and directed by filmmaker and NIDA alum Sarah Hadley (In a Year with 13 Moons), Are We Awake? shines a light on a deeply intimate and ephemeral portrait of contemporary queer love. Originally commissioned by Red Line Productions as part of the 2017 New Fitz emerging writers initiative.

This play is produced in co-operation with bAKEHOUSE theatre company at Kings Cross Theatre, as part of the 2018 Mardi Gras theatre season. Also featured during Mardi Gras Film Festival is Daniel Monks’ debut feature film Pulse, which plays at George St Event Cinema on Sunday the 18th of February, followed by a Q&A with Daniel.

For information on past productions, click here.

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Cast and Crew

crown pinkENDYMION          Mathew Lee
HYPNOS               Daniel Monks

Director, Sarah Hadley

Designer, Tilly Robba
Design Assistant, Luke D’Alessandro
Lighting design, Martin Kinnear
Sound design , Ben Freeman
Photography, Sarah Hadley
Stage manager, Gen Muratore

With thanks to

The National Institute for the Dramatic Arts
Shopfront Arts Co-op
Redline Productions at the Old Fitz
The cast and crew of “Visiting Hours”
Playwriting Australia
Poor Tom’s Gin

Ang Collins, Spike Fuck, Declan Greene,
Sean Hawkins, Phillip Kavanagh, Aleks Mikic,
Ella Prince, Roslynn O’Grady, Brodie Simpson



“you played a part, this is how it starts –
oh, I just had a change of heart”


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