Ah, yes. The hardest part of being a freelance artist – the part where I have to ask you for your money.

I take immense satisfaction and fulfilment in the work I do, and I am always happy to work with artists who are passionate about queer or trans representation on stage or screen. Unfortunately, this is time-consuming work I cannot do for free whilst also working on my own projects and paying my rent each month. This work is also often emotionally laborious or draining for me as a member of an oppressed minority. This is all work I still want to do, as the growth of queer storytelling in Australian media is something I am passionate about, but in order to continue to work with theatremakers, writers, and companies, I must monetise the knowledge and experience I bring to these discussions. As such, I have outlined my services and rates below.


Dramaturgy with Sean Maroney for Fragility: the Final Refuge (Giant Dwarf, 2017)

Over the last three years I’ve not only written and/or directed multiple productions, but provided dramaturgical support on numerous projects. Some of these projects include: Still Point Turning: the Catherine McGregor Story by Priscilla Jackman (Sydney Theatre Company, 2018), The Homosexuals, or ‘Faggots’ by Declan Greene (Malthouse & Griffin, 2017), Transience by Clare Hennessey (leftofcentre, 2016), and The Big Bruise by Saro Lusty-Cavallari (Montague Basement, 2016). This dramaturgical work has been predominantly, but not exclusively, on queer and/or transgender work.

My dramaturgical practice is principally concerned with three aspects of a work:

  1. A queer practice: in making work my practice begins from the framework of a Queer, feminist practice which aims to decentralise normative voices or angles (this is the best way to yield diverse new stories and exciting and nuanced portrayal of existing stories). In my capacity as a theatremaker I also aim to create safe and challenging environments for creatives, actors, and audiences to learn and grow.
  2. The political or representational: my study as an art maker has always revolved around the politics of representation in art. The queer body, abjected and maligned as it still is by mass hegemony, is a powerful statement on any stage or screen. As such, ethical and progressive representation of those bodies and identities is tantamount. This includes discussing the political implications of an image or character, as well as conversations around autonomous casting, thorough research, and affirmative action.
  3. Humanity and nuance: in any work, but particularly in queer art, complexity is more important than ever in the practice of telling stories about minorities. My goal is to help works achieve complexity and nuance that reflects the realities, imperfections, and diversity of opinions within queer communities, and to help creators to bring to life three dimensional minority characters with full lives.

The main goal in my work is to achieve a balance between these questions of politic, aesthetic, character, story, and representation.

Fees and rates for dramaturgical support depend on the length and trajectory of the work in question, as well as on how thorough an analysis a creator would like. My services can include:

  • A sit down (or Skype) chat about your script or project – $40 – $60
  • One feedback session with annotations and recommendations (more in-depth dramaturgy) – $70 – $150
  • Attending a reading and participating in or facilitating discussion – prices negotiable based on production’s profit model
  • One-off in rehearsal dramaturgy – $100 – $200 (depending on profit model)
  • Ongoing in rehearsal dramaturgy – negotiable based on production’s profit model
  • Ongoing script development (with the option of assisting in casting a development or read through) – negotiable based on profit model

All prices negotiable. If you (like me) are a broke az emerging artist who’d like a helping hand, don’t be afraid to message nonetheless. Whilst the support I can offer pro bono is limited by my own financial needs, where I can I’m always more than happy to chat about a work, or about queer art in general.

To enquire about these services:


Yes, that’s right, I’m the Sherlock Holmes of The Gay Stuff.

All the above information doesn’t just apply to theatre/artistic endeavours! I offer similar services in longform/thorough discussion about trans rights, trans activism, queer culture more broadly, and the thorny world of identity politics. In this capacity I’ve appeared on or hosted panels at ACMI, the Seymour Centre, Sydney University, Kings Cross Theatre, and 2ser Radio, among others. I’ve also acted as a consultant within such organisations as Queer Screen.

Rates on panel appearances/facilitation, as well as one-on-one or group consultancy are, as above, negotiable. Expect to pay a minimum $50/hr.


Actors Oliver Ayres, Axel-Nathaniel Rose, and Harry Winsome.

Looking for a queer or trans identifying person for a role? Not sure where to start the process of autonomous casting and community outreach?

I’m deeply embedded within the queer arts and theatre network in Sydney, and also run a Facebook group for trans, non-binary, and gender diverse people in the performing arts within Australia. I’ve been highly successful on multiple occasions in assisting companies and producers of both theatre and film in finding trans and/or queer talent, as well as in helping trans performers to further their careers and broaden their impact.

PLEASE NOTE: A small casting fee will apply if you would like casting assistance or advice. Again, negotiable based on profit model.

OR: Are you a trans/gender diverse/cool queer performer looking to get more work or recognition? Reach out on this site or at and let’s get connected.

COMING SOON: subsidised assistance in showreel creation. Send expressions of interest to

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Want your business/organisation/team/friendship group to be a little better at acknowledging and respecting queerness and difference?

In my years as a queer transgender man I’ve had limitless experience in educating people who are totally new to the existence of queer and trans identities, in a way that is accessible, friendly, and collaborative. It’s important to recognise that, whilst a lot of us have the privilege to live in a social world where most people have a basic Gender 101 understanding, that there are many more people who have never been given the opportunity to start that learning process – and that’s what I’m here for.

Things you can expect from me:

  • The construction of safe spaces in seminars, where participants are invited and encouraged to learn and make mistakes as we progress together
  • Accessible explanations of Sex, Gender, Sexuality, and Gender Presentation, as well as other terms associated with progressive ideas on identity.
  • Pronoun practice, and tips on adjusting to unfamiliar pronouns.
  • The Do’s and Do Not’s when working with trans people:
    • How to make bathrooms and facilities more accessible
    • How to establish boundaries regarding an employee’s trans status
    • How to effectively and sensitively correct others when they misgender someone
    • How to lead by example in treating queer people equally in work and social environments
    • How to deal with instances of discrimination in the workplace
  • And more!

Depending on the size of the group, sensitivity training work starts at $250 for a session. As ever, prices are negotiable.


Got a question about “”trans stuff””, but not sure if it’s okay to ask the trans or non binary person in your life? Got a burning curiosity about ‘bits’ or surgeries or ‘so how do you guys, like…..?’, but you’re pretty sure it’s offensive to ask?

This guy’s here to set you straight!

Check out the Contact page for a question form, or for a more anonymous forum, go to Is It Ok If I Ask My Trans Friend. And, if you like what you read, chuck us some change!


Mama Alto and Simon Corfield in The Homosexuals, or ‘Faggots’ (Griffin 2017)

The #buyatransadrink hashtag was born during my first production, Kaleidoscope (m2 gallery, 2015), as an instruction for any cis people in our audiences. The idea was that, if you came to the show with a trans person, or met one at the show, or had a trans person in your life, that they almost certainly wanted and deserved a drink (alcoholic, caffeinated, or otherwise) at any given moment.

The (international) evolution of that hashtag has come to stand not just for free drinks, but for a broader recognition of the small acts of emotional labour trans people have to engage in every single day. Every day of our lives we have to explain ourselves to people, educate the people around us, and swallow back the piles of micro-aggressions accrued over the course of a regular day.

If you know a trans person, if you’ve ever asked a trans person to explain themselves or help you better understand gender, consider chucking a bit of dosh their way next time you see them. Likewise, if you’re not here on this page for consultancy or dramaturgy, but rather to ask one question or satisfy one curiosity, considering buying this trans a drink.

Here on PayPal.


Wanna work together? So do I (probably)!

Simply put, I love working with other humans – which is a huge part of the reason I make theatre in the first place. I’m always looking for and excited about new people to work with, collaborate with, or just shoot the shit with. If you’d like to chat about collaboration on any kind of artistic or political work, flick me an email and let’s get creative.

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