External publication of my writing and work.


Queer representation on stage: between a rock and a problematic place for Audrey Journal, 21/2/18

The Faggots and The Bitchy Trans: On Community in Queer Theatre – written for Griffin Theatre Company’s blog reflecting on the 2017 production of The Homosexuals, or ‘Faggots’

Trans people, popular culture, and me for Archer Magazine, 1/7/2015

Beyond the coming out narrative: the transphobia the media doesn’t represent for Archer Magazine 17/5/2016

“When are you going to stop writing about [insert issue]?” – an author’s guide to writing about your own oppression, part 1 and part 2 for Archer Magazine, 2016

Articles (reviews and opinions) written for Honi Soit can be found here


“Pray 4 Mojo” in Intersection – a collection of monologues and scenes by the writers of ATYP’s 2016 National Studio program. Published by Currency Press, Feb 2017.

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