Fragility: The Final Refuge

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“Spaketh the Lord: this is my fifty bucks, with hath been given up for youse cunce.”

It is the year 2100, a hypothetical “leftist utopia” in which pluralism reigns supreme, capitalism and war and kyriarchy are mere memories, all minorities and identities are treated with complete respect, and everyone’s generally having a pretty good time.

Except, of course, for that oft-overlooked minority, the truly victimised and oppressed: cis, straight, white men.

Terrified by this dystopic reality in which anyone can be whatever they want to be and not face discrimination for it, two renegades form a sanctuary in the form of a Cathedral: a space safe from the creeping threat of PCSJWLGBTQRSVUCSIMIAMI-ism and the grip of the upsettingly diverse Beast. Here they indulge mightily in the true tenets of masculinity – sports, rage, beer, rage, misogyny, and rage.

Join them for this, their final mass, as they try to save you all from the claws of the freedom of self expression.

Fragility: the Final Refuge is a queer and cutting devised comedy directed by Charles O’Grady and Sean Maroney, featuring Julia Christensen, Shaun Colnan, Adrien Stark and May Tran. It explores the utter absurdity of toxic masculinity, and the even more absurd fragility that sits so close behind it.

Fragility was performed at The Giant Dwarf in 2017 to rave reviews, as part of Sydney Fringe Festival.

The Fragility Team

Julia Christensen
Shaun Colnan
Sean Maroney
Charles O’Grady
Adrien Stark
May Tran

With thanks to

Sydney Fringe
The Giant Dwarf team
Shopfront Arts Co-op
The residents of Doug on Douglas

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