30th Nov, 2017 – ARE WE READY?

Good morning!* It’s another fine day and I have not yet left my armchair.


Last night the good people of bAKEHOUSE announced their 2018 season appearing, as ever, at Kings Cross Theatre.

I am BEYOND thrilled to tell y’all that¬†Are We Awake?¬†is making a comeback as part of Mardi Gras @ KXT!

If you missed it this year at the Old Fitz,¬†Are We Awake? is a two-hander about Hypnos, a queer disabled writer; his boyfriend Endymion, who’s about to hop on a plane to Melbourne indefinitely and can’t find his watch; their less-than-agreeable Himalayan cat, Bjork; as well as a cockatiel named Patricia, a hot paramedic named Bryce, and a dildo named Kate Bush.

The response to Are We Awake? has continued to blow my mind since February, and I feel so humbled to be invited back into KXT, a theatre I first got to know in its infancy at the beginning of 2016, when my other sad gay play Kaleidoscope played there, also as part of Mardi Gras.

The bAKEHOUSE team never fail to impress with seasons full of new and innovative work, and this season is no exception. It’s an honour to be sharing space with so many new Australian artists. Check out the whole season here, and get cracking on earlybird tickets!

Watch this space for more details about Are We Awake? early next year!


Workshopping for¬†Kaleidoscope at Shopfront continues to be a delight. The combination of brains that is myself, Harry Winsome, Oliver Ayres, and Nick Coyle is proving to yield a show that is sillier, sexier, and more challenging than I thought possible. Between choreographed dance numbers, increasingly complex theories of space-time travel, and the fact that my actors very early on decided that Gabriel calls his junk ‘Gary’, I’ve barely had time to worry about what constitutes ‘appropriate’ trans representation. What you’re going to see instead, is a prickly exploration of a flawed and problematic character who exists as best he can in a flawed and problematic world.

You’re also gonna see a lot of bitchslapping, so, there’s that too.

We’re still crowdfunding for the ArtsLab season – BREAK GLASS (in case of emergency) – so¬†don’t forget to chuck some bux at our Pozible campaign!!!


Between these two shows,¬†Still Point Turning¬†at STC, the hopeful return of¬†Fragility: the Final Refuge, and a six month stint in Melbourne, 2018 is shaping up to a terrifying –¬†I mean EXHILARATING – year full of new queer work.

I can’t wait to start sharing it all with you.

xx C

*It was morning when I started writing this, but I got distracted by crying my face off about Dear Evan Hansen. The Feels, man. The. Feels.

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