ArtsLab: BREAK GLASS (IN CASE OF EMERGENCY from ShopfrontArts on Vimeo.

It’s nearly the end of the year, which means only one thing: a frantic scramble for a) content and b) fundz for the coming year.

s c r e a m

I’m currently working on a totally new and reimagined Kaleidoscope (Gabe’s back! and he’s gayer and angrier than ever before! and can time travel! and is actually two people now! it’s madness!). I’m doing this as part of a residency at Shopfront Arts Co-Op. The ArtsLab program has already facilitated so many interesting discoveries, and allowed me to meet and work with some really special people.

Unfortunately, we’re all special people with NONE DOLLARS, which is where the annoying funds scramble comes in.

So we’re crowdfunding at the moment for the ArtsLab 2018 season: BREAK GLASS (IN CASE OF EMERGENCY), and your support is incredibly important. A pledge of even a small amount of your hard-earned dollaridoos won’t just help me and my team, but three other fantastic teams of emerging artists who are smashing it in their respective fields, from poetry to theatremaking to virtual reality. What’s more, there’s potential kickass rewards involved – including season passes, bespoke poems, bound scripts, and more!

The money from this Pozible campaign will be used to fund the presentation of the four ArtsLab projects – specifically to hire production staff to assist in the management and technical design of the season.

So if you have the dosh, consider chucking some of it Shopfront’s way! If you don’t, and you still want to help out, share the Pozible campaign with your m8s and keep an eye out for more info on the season!

C x


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