a small boy’s small request

Hi there, Internet.

Earlier this year I posted on Facebook about the importance of taking care of yourself as an activist – not because self care is necessarily a radical/activist act in and of itself, but because it is an important factor in your ability to do that activist work productively. At that time, I also copped them I am absolutely terrible at practising what I preach, and when it comes to taking care of myself I frequently forgo things I need in order to be able to help people or to keep working. Which is something I’m trying to work harder on, because burning out helps absolutely nobody.

So here’s the thing.

I need a new binder.

I currently have two: one of them is too hole-ridden to be worn, the other is the wrong size and restricts my lungs and I’m pretty sure is not helping my already messed up ribs. Honestly, I should have a minimum of two that are wearable at any given time as washing binders between each wear makes them more likely to last longer (take note kids). I also need to invest in some form of “sports” “bra” for days when I should really be giving my body a rest from binding, but need some sense of security.

The thing is, being a poor disabled queertrans, who lives with several other poor disabled queertrans, I don’t have a huge amount of money to spare.

I’ve been mentally categorising “trans stuff”, including binders, as non-essential spending for a long time, because of that same mentality that makes me forgo my needs for other peoples’, or leads me to wear my binder 16 hours straight without break like a damn fool. But really a binder is something I can’t get by without, and so I’m asking for a wee bit of assistance.

If you can, if you would like to, I would greatly appreciate a small donation of a couple bucks to my PayPal. In the past I’ve made jokes about my PayPal being the #buyatransadrink fund, but for the most part I’ve used it as a way for people to compensate me if they so choose for emotional labour done around trans or queer politics.  (Yes, I’m asking you to pay me for being trans, suck it capitalism.)

If we are friends, I’ll get you a coffee or cook you dinner somewhere down the track. If we’re not friends, we’ll work something out.

Realistically I only need about $100 – $120. On the off-chance that this gets more attention that I anticipate, I’ll be donating anything above what I need to Twenty10, or to friends also in need of binders/breastforms. Alternately if you’d like to donate but would rather not donate to my selfish ass, I would recommend donating to somewhere like Point of Pride. Point of Pride have a number of really great initiatives that help out trans people who are struggling financially, including an annual surgery fund and both binder and breastform donations. Their donation initiatives have really long waiting lists due to high demand, so any money (or binders and breastforms!) you can donate to them goes a long way.

If you don’t want to donate and you think I’m a selfish or lazy piece of shit for asking, do me a favour and don’t leave me a comment telling me all about it! Not everyone believes in the morality of crowdfunding and that’s a-okay, but I don’t need to be judged for needing a hand, ya feel?

I hope you’re all having a lovely evening.

xoxo your friendly neighbourhood sad gender man

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