WHY AM I LONELY? The making of Before The Water Gets Cold

Part Three: in love with the silence

A lot of what goes into my process when writing poetry is attempting to distil emotions into the smallest number of words possible. With poetry you have the benefit of not needing as many words-and not needing to necessarily bend to grammatical conventions-but also the subsequent need to make every single word you use count. As part of that distillation for this script, as well as for my own growth as a writer, I started writing haiku, using the short form to get at the most important elements or images of each scene. I’m not very good at haiku (which is probably why they’re worth doing), but I think some of these are pretty funny and tell a story of their own. The idea of so few words leaves me feeling bereft every time, constantly desperate to fill a silence external or internal, but I think it’s important to become comfortable with silence, or a lack of words, or simply with speaking economically.

So for this week’s post, have some silly haiku about love and loneliness, and trust me when I tell you the poetry in BWGC is far better-which you can see for yourself when you come and watch it from the 23rd to the 27th of August: smokinggumtheatre.com.

A play

¿boy? meets ¿girl?, something
something something, metaphors
useless for heartbreak.

A honeymoon period

We are having sex.
We have so much sex we win
an award for sex.

A morning

I’m a stupid moth,
you’re a halogen porchlight.
Kiss me deadly hot.

A conundrum

Lonely because I’m
dull? Dull because I’m lonely?
Fuck Ryan Gosling.

An argument

The sea, the sky, my
love. Goddamn, don’t look at me
with that tone of voice.

A bargain

You say you love me
just like you’re talking about
your knockoff Yeezys.

A question

Why am I lonely?
I’m just shit, basically.
Pretty much just shit.

A fight

Devils wear Prada.
Harry, Sally, Stanley, Stella.
You wear my heart, pinned.

A break

I loved you like the
sea loves the shore. So I guess
I’ll be leaving now.

A regret

I hate Tinder, and
that we never got to fuck
in this bath. Busllhit.

A lesson

To get by in this
world, you learn to be in
love with the silence.

A conclusion

Charlie hates couples,
people, love songs, love, himself.
Why is he lonely?

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