20th January 2016 – A New(ish) Start

So, it’s been a while.

In the wake of the conclusion of Kaleidoscope‘s run at M2 I dropped off the face of the Internet for a little while, to rest, to reflect, and to prepare for the new work I’m creating this year.

I also got a nine to five job, went to Melbourne, moved house again, relapsed, fixed that, went on 1.5 dates, and turned twenty one.

The few months between October and January where I wasn’t involved in any shows requiring immediate promotion gave me a chance to think about what it is I want to do with what cultural power I do wield. The idea of making a career out of “art” is, to me, increasingly useless and infeasible, given the economic instability  inherited by this generation, the lack of money in “the arts”, and the sheer size of the classist, racist, and sexist barriers that much high culture creates. It is difficult, now, to “make a difference” with your creative output. But, having realised live theatre and shared storytelling is what I have always wanted to do, it’s hard for me to resist the call of this most useless career path.

With that in mind, it feels as though I’ve come to the conclusion that what I want to do is to create things which carry no illusion of having more effect than what they do, which don’t labour under the impression that they somehow have the power to change the world on their own. I intend to make theatre which accepts the inherent classism of its form, and is never complacent in its privilege, instead actively trying to break oppressive barriers wherever possible. I want to make art that tells stories and engages with issues which do not often get attention or media representation, and I want to do this whilst also working on these issues in a political, practical sense. It is not enough for me to simply air the stories of trans people, I must also use my work to help in the fight for trans equality.

I have exciting things in store for this year, including the second and third works in the cycle which Kaleidoscope began (one of which will be on in May!), a horror play, some solo work, and, hopefully, a stand up show in September.

As for this blog, I have some things in store, too. In the lead up to the second run of Kaleidoscope at Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (get your tickets!) I have a series of articles related to the play and its context which will roll out over the next month. After that, there are plans for regular pop culture-y posts and, as ever, the shameless spruiking of whatever show or shows I find myself embroiled in at the time.

I’m quite excited about this year, and what I hope it will set up for me next year. I hope you’re keen to come along for the ride.


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